B R Raveendra

Software Engineer at Sling Media BTC

C/o T.Radhakrishna
#57, Golf View Campus
NAL Wind Tunnel Road, Murugeshpalya
Bangalore - 560017

Seeking a challenging position to utilize, improve my skills and ability in a competitive environment that offers professional growth while being resourceful and innovative.

  • Programing/Scripting: C,C++,Java,Ruby,PHP,Python

  • Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, MVC

  • Database Technoloies: RDBMS, SQL, phpMyAdmin, SPARQL, RDF (semantic storage). Apache Cassandra.

  • Tools/frameworks: Qt, CMake, Maven,

  • Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure.

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows.

You can find my most of the projects on github

  • Automated Textual Display System: 8051 microcontroller and GSM modem are integrated into a single unit with LCD monitor. This system is used to send short classroom notices and examination time corrections.

  • CleverAds: Ad networking web application built using Ruby on Rails . Targets bloggers. Mutual Advertising.

  • Umirr: Udacity video downloader written in Ruby. This application extracts and processes video links found on a Udacity web page.

  • JRuby Native Date library implementation to match Ruby 1.9.3: A C42 Summer of Code project in collaboration with JRuby community.

  • NoSQL Sandbox: Benchmarking NoSQL DBs using YCSB and adding support to aggregate queries.

  • Nepomuk-KDE bug solving.

  • Ninja at StalkNinja.

  • Active member of PES-Open Source community.

  • Interned at C42 Summer of Code to work on a JRuby project.

  • Successfully organized AYANA-12, first ever 24-hour hackathon conducted by a college in Karnataka

Date of Birth:
2nd February 1992

Father's Name:
Rajendra N Bhat



Languages Known:
Kannada, English, Hindi